Disciplinary actions shall be taken to correct the behavior prohibited by the school's policy manual on campus, riding buses to and from school, or in connection with off-campus, school-sponsored activities.  The following are specific procedures that will be implemented throughout the school affecting behavior and discipline.

1.  Classroom rules will be established and posted in classroom.

•2.        When a student is brought to the office for disciplinary action, the teacher will complete the disciplinary form.  The teacher and student will receive a copy, and a copy will be kept in the principal's office.

•3.        Discipline reports will be sent home for parent's signature and returned to school.

•4.        When a student has been brought to the office, and a parent has been notified more than three (3) times of disruptive behavior consideration will be given to suspending that student.  This may be either in-school suspension (In School Suspension) or out-of-school suspension depending on the infraction.

•5.        Students become eligible if they are repeated discipline offenders.  The principal, when appropriate, will refer the student after normal progressive steps have been taken to correct the student and all actions have failed.

The steps are as follows for most incidents:

•1.        Teacher- student conference

•2.        Teacher- parent conference (telephone call, visit, etc.)

•3.        Principal- student conference

•4.        Principal- parent conference (school counselor should have an active role)

•5.        Detention- work assignment, or corporal punishment

•6.        Suspension

*   In serious matters or cases of constant misbehavior the principal or designee may at his discretion move to the most appropriate step, or refer the student for Clarke County Board of Education or juvenile authority action.

•6.        When a student has been suspended three (3) times for a major infraction, he/ she may be referred to the Clarke County Board of Education or some outside agency for further disciplinary action.

•7.        When a student poses a continuing danger to students, teachers, or school personnel, or in any way disrupts the academic process of the school, the student may be immediately removed from school.  In such cases, the notice of suspension and hearing will take place as soon as possible.