7th Grade "Best Math Rap"
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017
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Written by Shakayla Hytower

Simplifying Fractions

Written by Shakayla Hytower

Performed by Shakayla Hytower

Instrumental:  Xavier Hytower

(Printed with Permission)

Before I become the next great rapper,

I'll tell you how to simplify fractions by using the greatest common factor.

First I thought simplifying fractions was a disaster,

I made bad grades, yet my hope preached like a pastor.

With every new lesson I seemed to learn faster,

Now I'm the queen of fractions, you could call me it's master.


Test after test I was tired of testing.

All hard work no time for resting.

Problem after problem, my brain was stressing.

Yea my brain might have frozen, yet I kept refreshing

Finally an A thank God a blessing.


Imagine you have a fraction 11 over 33

you write out the factors like a family tree.

They both share 11, so we divide by eleven, now what could the answer be?

It's 1 over 3.


OK now that we are done with our yearly school session.

I can honestly say I have learned this lesson

Now I look to the future, because my success is destined.


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